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SC Siacoin ASIC Miner

SC Siacoin mining is a process of decentralizing settlement, each settlement verifies and settles the transactions processed, mining protects the security of the Bitcoin system, and realizes the consensus of the entire Bitcoin network without a central authority; The invention of mining makes Bitcoin special, this decentralized security mechanism is the basis of peer-to-peer electronic money, and the reward and transaction fee for minting new coins is an incentive mechanism that regulates miner behavior and network security while completing Bitcoin's currency issuance.


Siacoin Mining Profitability

  • PPS: As long as there is a value (share value), there will be an account, and dividends will be paid according to the theory. Therefore, regardless of whether the block is exploded or not, there will be an immediate reward, so the mining pool has to take a lot of risks, and the mining pool with certain strength and computing power can do PPS. This reward does not need to be confirmed, and you can immediately receive your full pool proportional SHARE value dividend.

  • PPLNS: Like actual SOLO mining, everyone works as a team to mine. Pay dividends according to the set number of rounds' SHARE value (default is 10 rounds), dividends are distributed to miners within 10 rounds, all even if you leave in the first round, you will get dividends until your SHARE value is zero. PPLNS, relatively speaking, requires miners to provide computing power to the mining pool for a long time to get relatively good returns.

  • PROP: exactly the same as the actual SOLO mining. However, for a round of settlement, the SHARE value is divided at one time (the mining pool is your SOLO wallet, but the mining pool has a large computing power, and the probability of bursting blocks will be much higher than your personal SOLO).

  • RBPPS: the same principle as PPS, but excluding the reward of dead blocks. It is necessary to confirm that it is not a dead block in order to obtain the same dividends as PPS.

How to Mine SC Siacoin Coin?

  • Hardware preparation: one algorithm ASIC professional mining machine, one power supply equipped with the mining machine, one network cable, and one computer.

  • Download the IP Find software

  • Prepare an SC wallet address. Download SC full node wallet through SC's official website, you can also go to the trading platform to get it (poloniex, bittrex, etc.)

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