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Dovina Miner Create A Better Internet Technology
Dovina Miner Create A Better Internet Technology
Dovina Miner Create A Better Internet Technology
24/7 Support

We are on call 24 hours a day to solve all problems for customers.

Dovina Miner Create A Better Internet Technology

We support T/T, VISA, Master Card, Bitcoin and other payment methods to provide customers with more choices.

Dovina Miner Create A Better Internet Technology

Shipping with smooth and speedy process from our warehouse to your doorstep.

Dovina Miner Create A Better Internet Technology
Daily Updates

Regularly update the price of crypto miners every day, and achieve a win-win situation with my customers.

Dovina Miner Create A Better Internet Technology

Professional Testing Team, The Most Stringent Asic Miner Performance Test

You don`t need to worry about the quality of Dovina`s miners, our products will be tested carefully before shipping, Dovina are promise to delivering the best products to our customers.

Asic Miner Test Environment

Dovina has a tester who has 9 years of professional testing experience. What kind of environment should ASIC MINER avoid at work? The following are some suggestions from professional testers:

ASIC Miner Testing Environment

1. High humidity

Highly humid or damp environments can damage the internal components of your ASIC machine. It can cause rust and corrosion to the delicate core of your miner.

2. Poor ventilation or cooling

ASIC miners generate a considerable amount of heat when in use. If left running without proper ventilation, it can result in overheating, damaging the machine.

3. Extreme temperatures

Extreme hot temperatures resulting from your ASIC machine’s environmental temperature or overheating can destroy and shorten its lifespan. Extreme cold temperatures are less critical than hot temperatures as the heating produced by your ASIC can counterbalance it.

4. Poor maintenance

Overclocking your ASIC machine constantly, a dusty environment, inadequate airflow or ventilation, extreme temperatures, and poor maintenance conditions can damage your ASIC miner.

The average lifespan of a well-kept, maintained machine can be around 3 to 5 years. Nevertheless, if you keep ASICs in harsh or poor conditions, they can deteriorate in as little as a few months.

Asic Miner Testing Content & After-Sales Issues

ASIC Mining Rig Testing Content
Testing content

Dovina's Miners before shipping, we will mainly detect whether there is a problem with the PSU, Fans, Power Supply, Network Cables, Cords, Plugs, Control Board, Hashrate Board, Chip, and so on. If any failure is detected before the ASIC Miner is sent, our professional technicians will be restored most carefully. Dovina Miner will try its best to deliver the best quality ASIC Miner to customers.

Dovina ASIC Mining Machine After-sales issues
After-sales issues

When the customer receives the ASIC Miner, please check whether the ASIC Miner is faulty. If you have any questions, you can find our customer service to help, and we will provide professional online video guidance (or professional information guidance). If the ASIC Miner is still unavailable, there may be problems during transportation, we will actively assist customers in repair. Let our customers need to worry about after -sales issues.

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