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SC Siacoin Goldshell SC-BOX ASIC Miner
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SC Siacoin Goldshell SC-BOX ASIC Miner

  • Model SC-BOX from Goldshell mining Blake2B-Sia algorithm with a maximum hash rate of 900Gh/s for a power consumption of 200W.

  • It doesn't need much electricity to run, making it cost-effective.

  • The SC-BOX is a simple operation miner which brings a high-quality experience with effortless user ability.

  • Well-designed internal structure minimalist product appearance. Not only compact and durable but also very mechanical beautiful.

  • This is your perfect miner for use at home or the office with low power consumption, high hash rate, and reduced noise levels. This miner is energy-efficient, small in design and easy to mine anytime, anywhere.


Specifications of SC Siacoin Goldshell SC-BOX ASIC Miner

ReleaseApril 2022
Size150 x 84 x 178mm
Noise level35db
Temperature5 - 35 ℃
Humidity5 - 85 %
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