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Grin Nervos ASIC Miner

Grin Nervos Coin features privacy and lightness and is the first application of the privacy protocol MimbleWimble. It adopts a PoW consensus mechanism, no ICO, no pre-mining, no founder rewards, and emphasizes complete fairness. As an open-source project, the Grin team is created anonymously, only donated as a source of funding, its development and operation are executed by the community, and it is highly decentralized, which has become Grein's most praised feature.


Features of Grin Nervos Asic Miner

GRIN coin is a cryptocurrency dedicated to providing privacy and scalability, it is a relatively rare anonymous coin in the cryptocurrency circle, this currency has several special properties compared to other anonymous coins. First, the project uses a privacy-preserving blockchain format called MimbleWimble, which allows users to store only a small amount of data in the blockchain, and yes, running a full node becomes cheap and easy. Mimblewimble was developed by anonymous people, so the project will be more equal and decentralized. Many investors want to know how to mine GRIN coins. 

How Grin Nervos Coin Is Mined by Dovina Grin Asic Miner?

To understand Grein's mining strategy, you must start by understanding the mining principles of this project.

  • To balance CPU/GPU mining with ASIC miner mining, Grin created Cuckoo Cycle, an algorithm system compatible with two mining modes, including the GPU-friendly C29 algorithm and the ASIC-miner-friendly C31.

  • The Grin team hopes that by controlling the proportion of blocks produced by the two algorithms, miners using different devices can get little difference. The purpose of this is to make the project not monopolized by the mining power in the early stage, and at the same time to provide a controllable access channel for ASIC mining machines in the long run.

  • Grin tries to solve the problem of endangering blockchain security by the contradiction between high computing power and decentralized computing power through this dual-algorithm solution. This is highly consistent with the concept of "harmonious mining" proposed by Zcash in the Blooming Bloom stage. At the same time, the Grin team plans to upgrade the algorithm every 6 months of hard forks and change the block ratio of the two algorithms based on the distribution of computing power.

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