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Advantages of CKB NERVOS Coin

Nervos CKB is one of the few blockchain projects that adhere to the PoW consensus mechanism. Compared with PoS and variants of PoS consensus mechanisms (such as DPoS), PoW consensus mechanisms have been tested on Bitcoin for more than a decade, its security has been proven, and PoW creates a completely competitive market, ensuring the fairness of token distribution to the greatest extent. For the currency of the PoW consensus mechanism, the first indicator we need to look at is the network-wide computing power of CKB Miner.

Future Development of CKB NERVOS Coin

The main concept of Nervos CKB is interoperability (cross-chain). The more famous blockchain projects that conform to the concept of "cross-chain" are: Polkadot (DOT), Cosmos (ATOM), and Near (NEAR). In contrast, Nervos CKB supports flexible cryptographic primitives at the bottom layer and is more friendly to heterogeneous blockchains. Force Bridge, the troika of Nervos CKB Interoperability 2.0, enables assets on CKB and any other blockchain to be freely transferred across chains; PW Core, which allows users to access the Nervos dApp through various entrances; Polyjuice allows dApps on chains such as Ethereum to migrate to Nervos without changing the code. Nervos is very user-friendly to both users and developers.

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