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ETH Ethereum ASIC Miner

Ethereum mining rigs algorithms have higher requirements for memory, which is designed to limit the use of ASIC chips in Ethereum mining to a certain extent. From the results, the vast majority of Ethereum mining rigs are graphics machines, which reflects the success of Ethereum mining algorithms in ASIC resistance. From the absolute value of the scale of computing power, the computing power of the Ethereum network is about 200TH/s, the computing power of the entire Bitcoin network is about 120EH/s, and the latter is nearly 600,000 times that of the former.


How To Setup Asic Ethereum Miner?

The graphics card of the Ethereum miner is "very fragile", software and hardware complexity is high, and frequent power outages will lead to an increase in the damage rate of various parts of the mining machine, after restoring the power supply, the debugging time of the graphics card miner is also longer than ASIC miner, so the power stability of the mine is required. After screening out the mining farm with reliable safety, stable power, and suitable price, it is also necessary to examine the operation and maintenance capabilities of the graphics card mining machine of the mine.

How To Select Asic Ethereum Miner?

When selecting an asic ethereum miner, in addition to examining whether the mine is safe and reliable, power stable, and the operation and maintenance capabilities of graphics card miners, there are also the following other considerations:

  • Does the mining farm have a special graphics card mining machine location? The size of the graphics card miner is too large, and the general ASIC miner shelf is not suitable for the graphics card miner.

  • In addition to the most basic temperature and humidity control, has the mine done anti-dust particles and anti-static measures? In a previous article, we mentioned that the better graphics card mining machine rooms in the industry are basically designed and built according to IDC-like specifications.

  • Priority is given to mines with convenient transportation. Whether you go to the mine to inspect by yourself or send the damaged mining machine to the maintenance point for maintenance, convenient transportation can save a lot of time.

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