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ETH Ethereum Jasminer X4-1U ASIC Miner
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ETH Ethereum Jasminer X4-1U ASIC Miner

  • The Jasmine x4-u1 miner has a different look than the X4 mining unit. So you get a miner with a slender look but packs a punch when it comes to several mineable coins.

  • 0.462j/Mh is the efficiency that comes with this jasmine X4-u1, the maximum power consumption is 240W, and this brings down running costs such as electricity expenses.

  • The Jasminer X4-U1comes with a maximum hashrate of 520Mh/s. Thanks to the low hashrate of Jasminer x4 520mhs, it means you get to mine for extended periods.

  • The X4-1U has one of the lowest noise levels the industry has to offer. With 65 decibels, it makes the miner perfect for home mining and large-scale mining activities.


Jasminer X4 for Sale Advantages

  • High Efficiency: The Jasminer x4 server 520 mhs boasts an efficiency rating of 0.462 joules per megahash (0.462j/Mh). This means it can deliver a considerable hashrate while consuming relatively less power compared to less efficient Ethereum mining machines. This leads to Jasminer x4 cost savings on electricity expenses.

  • Slender Design with High Performance: Despite its slim and compact appearance, the Jasminer X4-1U packs a punch with its maximum hashrate of 520Mh/s. It offers competitive mining power in a smaller form factor.

  • Extended Mining Periods: The lower hashrate of jasmine x4 520mhs allows for longer mining sessions. This could be advantageous for miners looking for consistent and extended mining operations.

  • Low Noise Levels: With a noise level of 65 decibels, the ASIC Jasminer X4-1U is considered to have one of the lowest noise levels in the industry. This makes it suitable for home mining setups and large-scale mining operations without causing excessive noise disruptions.

  • Beginner-Friendly: The Jasminer X4-1U is promoted as the right eth miner for those new to mining. Presumably, it offers user-friendly features or straightforward setup procedures to ease the mining process for beginners.

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