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CKB Nervos Goldshell CK-BOX ASIC Miner
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goldshell ck box for sale

CKB Nervos Goldshell CK-BOX ASIC Miner

  • Model CK-BOX from Goldshell mining Eaglesong algorithm with a maximum hash rate of 1.05Th/s for a power consumption of 215W.

  • The Goldshell CK-BOX 1.05Th/s is designed for miners who want to start mining with a high performance, yet reliable and energy efficient machine.

  • Designed in partnership with China's leading chip foundry, the Goldshell cryptocurrency asics are one of the most advanced machines on the market today. The CK BOX can give you an excellent mining experience in any environment.

  • The Goldshell BOX model improves the connection method. Only need to connect to the Ethernet, you can maintain a high-speed network connection. Bring a more high-quality experience.


Specifications of CKB Nervos Goldshell CK-BOX ASIC Miner

Also known asCK-BOX 1050GH/s
Size175 x 150 x 84mm
Noise level35db
Temperature5 - 35 °C
Humidity5 - 95 %

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