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What Are The Mainstream Mining Rigs?

Jun, 01, 2023

A miner is a machine that earns cryptocurrency rewards for mining. Taking Bitcoin as an example, mining machines that mine blocks that win accounting rights can receive Bitcoin Coinbase rewards (in September 2019, the block explosion reward was 12.5 BTC).

Mainstream Mining Rigs

At present, more miners in the market use ASIC miners and graphics card miners. ASIC miners are application-specific integrated circuit miners with higher mining power and lower energy consumption. The disadvantage of ASIC miners is that each mining rig can basically only mine coins using a specific algorithm, and cannot flexibly switch to other currencies for mining according to the income situation. Graphics miners, that is, GPU miners, are mined through graphics cards. This type of mining machine has limited computing power, but can flexibly switch to other currencies according to the income situation.

Usually, ASIC professional miners can only mine coins with specified algorithms, such as Antminer S17.

GPU graphics card miners, the restrictions on algorithms and mining coins are basically very low. For example, Litecoin LTC with Scrypt algorithm, Zerocoin ZEC with Equihash algorithm, DXN DCR with Blake2B algorithm, etc. Mining with such mining machines generally requires running a separate mining program in the mining machine.

Current Mainstream Asic Miner Manufacturers Include

Bit main's antminer Antminer, main models include:

1) Antminer S17 Pro, S17 to mine Bitcoin BTC. T17. S15. T15. S11. S9se,S9k,,S9j,s9i,S9. T9+, etc.;

2) Ant miners Z11.Z11j, Z11e, Z9.Z9mini, etc. that mine ZEC;

3) Antminers L5.L3++, L3+, etc. that mine Litecoin LTC;

4) Antminer DR5.DR3 of DXN Coin DCR;

5) Antminer D5.D3 for mining Dash, etc.

Innosilicon core mining machine, the main models include:

1) Mining Bitcoin BTC core mining machine T3+, T3. T2T,T2. T1, etc.;

2) Mining ZEC's core mining machine A9.A9+, A9++, etc.;

3) Mining Litecoin LTC core mining machine A6+, A4+, A6. A4, etc.;

4) Mining DXN DCR's core mining machine D9+, D9, etc.;

5) Mining Dash core mining machines A7.A5+, A5, etc.

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