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HNS Handshake Goldshell HS5 ASIC Miner
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HNS Handshake Goldshell HS5 ASIC Miner

  • Model HS5 from Goldshell mining 2 algorithms (Handshake, Blake2B-Sia) with a maximum hashrate of 5.4Th/s for a power consumption of 2650W.

  • The HS5 is a multi-algorithm miner that is out to make you a reasonable profit margin.

  • Compared to the HS3 predecessor, the unit has increased the miner's performance by 35 percent. The consumption per unit is also reduced to 2 percent, making the miner highly efficient.

  • You can change this miner's algorithm to fit your preference, thus lowering power consumption. Miners get a miner with an integrated design that's more convenient to the user.


Specifications of HNS Handshake Goldshell HS5 ASIC Miner

Size264 x 200 x 290mm
Noise level80db
Temperature5 - 35 °C
Humidity5 - 95 %
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