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Goldshell Mini-DOGE ASIC Miner
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Goldshell Mini-DOGE ASIC Miner

  • Model Mini-DOGE from Goldshell mining Scrypt algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 185Mh/s for a power consumption of 233W.

  • There are two cooling fans with a diameter of 8cm at the front of the Mini-DOGE, and a cooling air outlet at the rear. The air outlet adopts a six-sided honeycomb design, which makes the air outlet more efficient.

  • As a dedicated home-use silent dual-mining Asic mining machine, it still has great advantages compared with the previous dual-digging ASIC mining machine.

  • The Mini-DOGE has upgraded the original USB Type-A connection method through special research and development and customization. It only needs to be connected to Ethernet or WiFi to maintain a high-speed network link without additional auxiliary equipment.

  • This is your ideal home miner with low power consumption and a high hash rate. This miner is energy-efficient, small in design, and has low noise levels providing perfect use at home or the office.

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